Friday, August 31, 2018


I hope you are well and at peace, since my last update I have been
Giving talks in England, Canada and Brazil and running a large parish mission.

In England I spoke in a prison for women and found this very Grace
There was about 50 women there and the image I got was of a little girl dressing up
as a princess, running though these beautiful flowers,so free and happy.
The pain in the lady’s eyes was so hard to look at, were the evil of the world had taken
away Gods plan for them and how God wanted them to be innocent again, like the little
girl dressed up as the princess, As I told them this there was floods of tears and hope seemed to be restored, There is a great drama that explains this better than I can,which I
have placed a link at the bottom of this update.
Every Lady got my book from Gangland to Promised Land.

In Canada I gave a parish mission in Pembroke cathedral, I was invited by Fr Howard Chabot.
This was a gift from Fr Howard to the people of Pembroke, to mark his 50 years of a priest, he
paid for the mission personally. I had meet Fr Howard in London and he was very touched by the mission I gave there.
In July of this year Fr Howard died and his last words was that he wanted the mission to go ahead.
The mission was so wonderful and over 800 people came each night, which was a bit of a miracle  in it self, However many life's were changed and the Blessings overwhelming.
I felt Fr Howard was there in Spirit and very pleased. Deacon Adrian who arranged everything, also got me speaking in 5 schools to 1000’s of young people.
Fr Howards service to God was not just the 50 years he worked as a priest, but still carry's on from his place in Heaven.

Often I am asked if I miss my old life of crime, normally by young people, but not always.
I find it hard to compare a life of taking and self-service of pain, hurt and deadness to my life now.
To know in your broken weakness, God can use you to touch peoples life's with his love is the pearl of great price , To know even when you get it wrong and mess up, time and time again, there is a friend who loves you, more because you are weak than if you were perfect. To wake up each day knowing that this is a new day to try and bring his Grace to others,To be a better person and to Love and be Loved.
Knowing Jesus knows me and excepts me just as I am.
Who says we can not taste a little of Heaven on earth.

I am now in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil giving talks, I then travel to Dubai to speak at ACYC retreat,before speaking in Manchester, running a 3 day mission in Wakefield prison Leeds and speaking in  schools in London.
Please keep me in your prayers and know you are always in my heart and prayers always.
God bless you in his deep love.
John Pridmore
video of girl who the world tries to take away her innocence

Saturday, April 28, 2018

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I hope you are well and having a Blessed Easter tide.
Since my last update I have given parish missions in LA
Alabama, (USA) Livingston (Scotland) Down Patrick, Dunshaughlin 
and Kerry (Ireland)

At this time in our world, I feel we are in so much need of Gods Mercy.
There is great pain and hurt in peoples lives and it is hard to be the Light
Christ wants us to be at times.

I remember a school retreat I gave some years ago,we asked the young people
how many of them went to Mass, one girl said she stoped going after her confirmation.
because both her brothers had stoped, she went on to say, every Sunday it was like something was missing from her life.She was thinking of going back to Mass and on Sunday her Grandmother rang her asking if she wanted to go back to Mass with her, she said she did, but wondered why her Nan had asked her at that time, her Nan said she felt God telling her to ask.
When they got to the Church and they were kneeling down to say there prayers, she noticed her Nan was crying.
She said are you OK Nan, 
I am just so happy you are back at Mass with me. Her Nan replied.
As the girl told me this she burst into tears.
Her Grandmothers love for her was so real in that young girls life and because of that, so was Gods love real.

As we journey towards  Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit, we should take some time out and spend about 5 mins each day dwelling on Gods love for us and how he sees us, without judgment or Anger, but with love, Mercy and understanding.
When I was in USA I heard of a priest who told a very angry, unhappy nun this who was giving out about all the terrible nuns she lived with.
About 10 years later, the priest got a letter from the nuns mother superior, she said that everyone found that nun so hard to live with but since she had started dwelling on Gods love for her every day for 5 minutes, 
she had changed into one of the most loving ,gentle giving saints, the mother superior had ever came across.
She went on to say that one week earlier, that nun had died and every one was devastated at her loss.

Sometimes when I am praying over people I get a picture of them looking into a refection of them selfs, throwing rocks at the refection.Jesus always comes and takes the rocks out of there hands and points to there refection, saying behold my beautiful son, behold my beautiful daughter. 

May the coming of the Holy Spirit give us the freedom to love our selfs as God asks, so we can bring that love to everyone we meet.

Please pray for me over the next few months as I will be giving talks and parish missions in Ireland, France,UK,Spain,USA Canada and Brazil.
You are all very much in my heart and prayer.
God bless you in his deep love.
John Pridmore

During Holy week I was on my friends show Broken Catholic with Joseph Warren, this is the link