Friday, August 31, 2018


I hope you are Blessed and having a Holy Advent, In the last few months I have been to Canada,Brazil,Dubai and England. To give talks in schools and at parish missions and conferences.

For the last 25 years I have been  praying the Divine Mercy prayer, This is a prayer that Jesus said would bring salvation to the most lost sinners.I pray this prayer for any souls who may have died,that they get to Heaven. When I was in a church in Canada, I felt a real sense of Holy souls round me thanking me for my prayers.
God in his goodness gives us much power in our prayers to bring people to Heaven.

When I was in Dubai,I spoke at a youth conference with an Archbishop from Australia.I asked him why he became a priest, he said each day he walked 45 mins to school,and he realised if he cut though the grave yard he saved about 20 mins on his journey, so for 10 years he cut though the gave yard twice a day,and soon got to know every one who lived there, at the age of 18 he knew three truths, Life is very short, death is very certain and eternity is a very long time, so he became a priest.

In Brazil I stayed with a wonderful community who set up great days of prayer, these are people who give there time to help others find out how God is good, I got to speak at one of theses days and spend some time praying with the community, When I was praying with one  member, I got a picture of 2 little children in Heaven saying how much they love this person.The member was filled with tears of joy as she had lost her twin boys to death recently,  please see photo above.

In England I got to speak to the Catholic women's league, these are women who dedicate themselves to lots of charity work in the church and help others. In my travels it is such a Blessing to meet so many wonderful people who do such amazing work for God.
I also spent time in Wakefield prison giving a number of talks to about 50 men, these are men who are in prison for long sentences of 20 to 40 years some will never get out, the Grace of Gods forgiveness was wonderful,with many tears and healings. No matter how much we have hurt others or God in our life's, Gods amazing Goodness is always there if we are only open to receive it.
God is so very Good.
After my Christmas break I will be traveling to Croatia and the USA for a few months, please keep me in your prayers and always know you are in mine.
God bless you in his deep love, Merry Christmas.
John Pridmore